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Azalea Montaño-Kemp
4 min readJan 11, 2022

Microdosing mushrooms is gaining popularity as psychedelic therapy becomes a more widely accepted tool for mental health. Microdosing is especially appealing to those who want the therapeutic effects psychedelic medicine can provide without experiencing a full trip. With this method being so new, there are many questions emerging which are not being answered directly. Here, I am grateful to share answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive about microdosing psilocybin mushrooms!

Answered in this article:

  • Can I microdose while working?
  • Can I microdose while parenting?
  • Can I microdose while on pharmaceutical medication?
  • How long should I microdose?
  • What can I expect to feel?

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jar with mushroom microdoses

Can I microdose while working?

Yes! Each microdose is, at most, 1/10th of the amount you would take for a normal trip. With the right dose, you should not be tripping and will be able to complete daily tasks such as sending important emails, attending work meetings, and even driving.

Can I microdose while parenting?

Absolutely. Here is a quote from a microdosing mother I worked with recently:

“Microdosing makes me more aware of my presence. As far as parenting goes, I felt I could be present for my children and for myself. This way, I was able to take care of my children’s needs as well as mine — physical and emotional. Not only does it help me be present with my children, but it actually makes me want to create more present moments with them that we can enjoy together!”

For parents interested in microdosing, I recommend diving into @microdosingmom & Plant Parenthood to learn more about plant medicine uses in parenthood.

Can I microdose while on pharmaceutical medication?

It depends. The most common question asked is “Can I microdose while on SSRIs.” Microdosing participants I’ve worked with have indeed microdosed mushrooms while on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication with no strong interactions. Click here for a list of medications that participants have used with no poor effects while microdosing mushrooms and/or LSD.

How long should I microdose?

It is usually suggested to try 10 cycles (with the 1 day on 2 days off protocol) over a period of 4 weeks before deciding if you want to move forward with microdosing long term. The length of time is different for everyone.

I find that microdosing for 3 months straight works best for me. I only microdose during stressful events in my life such as the holidays, moving houses, or other moments of intensity where I am vulnerable to emotional instability. With this personal protocol, I am able to take breaks in between microdosing which helps protect my tolerance from being affected. So, when I really need help navigating through difficult situations, the microdoses effectively assist me.

If you do want to microdose for a longer period of time (6 months +), I suggest taking 1 week off from microdosing each month so that your body can continue the microdosing process without your tolerance being affected.

With all of this said, everyone is different and you should listen to your body during this process. Your body will always know and communicate what is best for you.

What can I expect to feel?

You should expect to feel nothing! Just kidding… :) but there is some truth here. A microdose should be exactly that — micro. While you should not feel at all like you are tripping when you take your microdose, what you will experience is neuroplasticity in real time. However, the microdoses need time to build up in your body before you can experience this in full.

I like to compare microdosing to Vitamin C. You don’t feel sick, take Vitamin C, and then feel better right away. You take Vitamin C over time to strengthen your immune system before you get sick. This is how microdoses work. If you are following a microdosing protocol, you can’t really just say, “I feel sad. I’ll take a microdose,” and then feel better. It typically takes about 7–14 days into one’s microdosing journey to notice the effects. Here is what to look for then:

  • New, changed thought patterns (stepping out of mental loops you’d normally find yourself in, big realizations)
  • Cognitive flexibility (open mind, new thoughts, more efficient problem solving capabilities)
  • Creativity (more ideas, exploring new activities)
  • Focus (mental clarity, not easily distracted)
  • Social (more present and connected with others)
  • Body awareness (noticing sensations in the body, a longing to make healthier choices)
  • Outlook (open to love, exploring authentic positivity, feeling connected, tranquility)

Microdosing mushrooms is such a beautiful and personal process. If you want more information about what microdosing is, ancient roots of psilocybin mushrooms, how to microdose, and the science behind this incredible method, you can find all of this in my book, Micro-Healing: Taking Control of Your Journey Step by Step with Medicinal Mushrooms.

If you are looking for free, confidential peer support during or after a psychedelic experience, please contact Fireside Project by calling or texting 6–2FIRESIDE (623–473–7433).

If you are ready to start your microdosing journey, you can click here to schedule a FREE microdosing consultation call with me. Together, we can explore your current health and psychological background as well as your current goals to find a safe way for you to move forward.

I am sending a tremendous amount of love to you while you explore your micro — journey!

Love and Light,


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